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0203 815 5448 10-14 Stanley Park Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 0EU

Cloverdale Court is based in Wallington, Surrey and has been a housing with care scheme since 2002.  The scheme is owned by Sutton Housing Society and Absolute Care Services is the onsite care provider.  The property has 43 rented flats and the aim of the scheme is to provide a home for life.  All tenants are older people aged 55 and above.

Meet the Care Manager

Hello, my name is Claire Allain and I'm the Extra Care Manager at Cloverdale Court. I began work as a Care Worker at the age of 18 part-time whilst at University. I then became a Senior Carer and after finishing University worked for a homecare agency as a Care Co-ordinator.

After 2 years I became the Care Manager of the same agency and undertook my NVQ Level 4 Registered Managers Award and also became an A1 NVQ Assessor. From there, I became more interested in staff training and undertook courses in teaching Care Workers all of their mandatory training courses as well as putting staff through their NVQ. I have continued to work as a Care Manager for many years in different settings and moved to my role with ACS in December 2015.

Claire Allain, Cloverdale Court Care Manager

Our Services

Cloverdale Court is an Extra Care Scheme staffed by ACS staff 24 hours a day. Our staff provide a ‘Core’ Service to respond to unplanned emergencies, welfare checks and medication calls to clients within the building. We also have a ‘Flex’ team of staff who provide homecare visits to the clients in their own homes within the building for them to receive personal care, meal preparation, housework and laundry, as well as social inclusion to enable clients to access the community or have a bit of 1 to 1 time to alleviate social isolation. The benefits of extra care are that someone is on site 24 hours a day.

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