Franchise Costs

Our franchise fee is just £30,000 plus 20% VAT (total payable £36,000) and therefore offers an outstanding return on investment with franchisees realistically able to get their money back, break even and make profit within their first year of trading, although this is dependent on franchisees motivations, skills and territory.

Franchisees will need an office to run the business from and will need to either take on the key manager role themselves or employ someone to oversee the day-to-day running of the business. The latter option would allow franchisees to run the business as a management franchise and with 100% profit margins achievable this makes our franchise an excellent investment opportunity. Both options will require the recruitment of office staff and front line staff as the business grows and to ensure clients receive a high and consistent level of care i.e. support workers are not over stretched.

The total investment level of our franchise opportunity is therefore £50,000-£60,000 minimum to see franchisees through the first few critical months, but once up and running there is no reason why franchisees can’t get this investment back within their first year.

We have an excellent relationship with the high street banks, who are very supportive of our tried and tested business model, and can help candidates get finance (if required) by supplying a comprehensive business plan and introducing them to our banking partners to improve their chances of getting any finance required.

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