Earning Potential

The UK’s growing and aging population offers candidates an opportunity to tap into a unique market that offers guaranteed growth and sustainability. The earning potential of our exciting franchise opportunity is only limited to franchisees personal motivations and financial resources.

Franchisees can expect to turnover a minimum of £300,000 in their first year with £500,000+ being achievable for more highly motivated franchisees. The figures supplied below are not financial projections; they are what the franchisor, Della Smith, actually achieved with 1 care agency in her first 5 years of trading.

Franchisees will benefit from our comprehensive document management system, industry leading business management system and expert advice and support meaning that they don’t have to learn from their own mistakes, they can learn from ours and in return expect a smooth business set up and accelerated business growth by following our paths to success.

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008
Turnover 310,104 468,391 646,855 794,939 884,493
Cost of Sales 8,261 7,038 5,648 1,514 0
MSF FEE @ 6% + VAT 22,327 33,724 46,574 57,236 63,683
Wage Costs 197,816 290,403 343,412 401,510 459,937
Gross Profit 81,700 137,226 251,221 334,679 360,873
Gross Profit Margin 26% 29% 39% 42% 41%

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